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Cloudeon - Transformation

Moving to the Cloud may seem like a simple decision in theory, but in real life it often ends up with disastrous results.

There is much to consider before embarking in a project of that kind, what applications to move, how applications tie together with other services, what compromises will have to be made and will a given application or service perform adequately in the Cloud.

Cloudeon - Moving to the cloud

Cloudeon makes business transformations easy. We handle everything from analysis to project, from assessments to planning, through migrating workloads. Cloudeon help you take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud by utilizing a set of best practice frameworks, developed in cooperation with our partners, that ensure quality results… every time.

We pride ourselves for having some of the most talented people in the business; they are readily available to scale up or down based on your needs. Cloudeon is a certified Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure partner and we have in-depth knowledge in the enterprise technology stack – we know what we are doing and how it needs to be done.

Our migration method is designed to Fork lift and optimize for cloud technology. Based on our overarching Cloud Framework, we work with detailed design, templates, and quality assurance to get you transformed without business interruption. Our cloud transition framework identifies the outcome, which is predicted during migration and ensures that you get the best out of the cloud and your budget.journey. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, information technology leaders and technical specialists, all of them understand the value of technological competitiveness -they live and breathe it every day…

Cloudeon - Business Agility

Business Agility

You will become more responsive to the changing needs of your business. You will be more agile and flexible and able to confidently embrace new challenges.

Cloudeon - Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

You will have a framework and a design that allows you to do more with less. You only pay only for what you need at any given moment, and you can scale any time in real-time.

Cloudeon - Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance

You will have the optimal performance of your applications, servers and services. You will have insight into the most demanding processes, components and the ability to fine tune every important aspect.

Cloudeon - Always on

Always on

You can lean back and relax – we got this. You will have the best cloud operations team available at your fingertips; we take care of the 24x7 operations and ensure that everything is up and running smoothly.

Wanna Be a Hero?

We’re a fast-growing band of developers and cloud experts with one simple mission: To deliver IT at the speed of business. At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the most talented engineers, developers and thought leaders to shape the future of cloud computing. If you think you can be a superhero, drop us a line or give us a call – we’re always looking for talent.

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