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Cloudeon - Strategy

Enterprise IT is no longer seen as the optimal way to achieve business outcomes. In the cloud era everything must be highly scalable and resource-elastic, while keeping costs down.

The organizations of today struggle with the transformation of their current internal information technology and many fail to make it work effectively with the cloud. Some organizations, while understanding the scale of the task at hand, have yet to successfully chart a course going forward.

Cloudeon - Transforming to a cloud based model

Transforming to a cloud based model not a trivial task, it may be one of the most significant changes the information technology organization will ever go through. It requires substantial changes to the way the organization functions, the way things are done and the speed of which solutions are delivered. New ways of thinking and other ways of working are not implemented in days or months - it can take years. Those that ultimately do migrate to a new operating model can reap the benefits: a more responsive and agile organization that can lead the way into the future.

Cloudeon understands that while outperforming business objectives and competition is important, the backdrop needs to be a transformed and agile information technology organization. Our ambition is to help customers transform the operating model from the classic “command and control” structure to one that is both nimbler and more focused on innovation. Cloudeon helps organizations change the culture, the models and the technology; we want to help create winning companies, seamlessly operating in the service-based world underpinned by cloud technology.

Our team work closely with you to build the right strategy that ensures both the alignment between the platform and your business goals and objectives but also the road towards is clearly laid out. We have not only the start-up mentality but also the knowledge and experience to make digital disruption, redefined operating models, agile competitiveness and mobile the guiding principles of your journey. Our team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, information technology leaders and technical specialists, all of them understand the value of technological competitiveness -they live and breathe it every day…


Cloudeon - Our services range


Our services range from business strategy, design, and development to technology selection. We help you analyze and optimize processes to fast-track efficiencies to gain the competitive advantage. Our team can help you align desired changes to your strategy, processes, and culture, understand impacts of changes, help secure stakeholder buy-in and engagement, to ensure desired benefits. Our team help ensure that effective processes for technology and platform interaction and service delivery are defined and implemented. We help our customers with a wide range of services from technology planning over sourcing strategy to service portfolio management. Digital disruption is not only about new entrants upending incumbents to re-write the competitive rules anymore. Now the incumbents can come back in the game using the cloud to drive business advantage. Now you can redefine the rules and become disruptive.

Wanna Be a Hero?

We’re a fast-growing band of developers and cloud experts with one simple mission: To deliver IT at the speed of business. At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the most talented engineers, developers and thought leaders to shape the future of cloud computing. If you think you can be a superhero, drop us a line or give us a call – we’re always looking for talent.

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