Public sector

How we help the public sector

CLOUDEON and the public sector have proven to go well together. With admission to the SKI agreement, we can help with our full range of offerings.

With our determined focus on bettering IT investments, CLOUDEON are delighted to have been admitted to the SKI-framework (Danish Public Sector purchasing agreement).
We offer our full range of solutions and products on the SKI agreement.

SKI 02.17 – Consulting


The SKI 02.17 framework agreement relates to ”consulting services”. It offers public organizations access to our full range of cloud specialists and consultants – at a fixed hourly rate.

CLOUDEON consultants can be directly allocated via the SKI 02.17 framework agreement. For public organizations this results in you being able to allocate resources directly to your projects via mini-tenders (miniudbud). 


SKI the whats and hows

SKI uses its resources to deal with standardized procurement areas where the procurement process can be standardized. This allows public organizations to use their own resources more effectively on submitting tenders in areas where local knowledge and experience are important.

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SKI 02.19 – Software as a Service


Framework agreement 02.19 relates to ”SaaS-Cloud”. This agreement allows public stakeholders purchase of standardized solutions through SKI-approved providers.

We provide our inhouse developed IT-infrastructure assessment tool, OpsAI, on this agreement. OpsAI is a tool that has been successfully implemented in a wide range of public organizations and is currently aiding the Danish public sector daily in improving IT.


SKI 02.22 - Operations


Framework agreement 02.22 relates to ”IT operations” – including capacity, applications, mail- and database operations as well as end user units.

This primarily covers CLOUDEON's 8/5 or 24/7 cloud operations and Workspace as a Service (modern workspace concept, based on cloud). Back-up services and other services are delivered to public organizations as part of this agreement too. This is CLOUDEON’s most used agreement, and today we run both standardized and customized operations and automations for large areas of the Danish public sector.