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Updated 26/4-2022



When you visit our website, we gather information about you, so we can adjust and improve our content and ads. If you do not want us to gather this information you should delete your cookies (see guidance) and avoid further use of our website. Below, we specify which types of information we gather, for what purpose and which third parties can access it.




Personal data and confidentiality policy


In general
Personal data are all types of information that can be attributed to you one way or another. When you use our website, we collect and handle a row of such types of information. It happens when you access content, sign up for our newsletter, enter competitions or surveys, register as a user, subscribe to our services, make a purchase via our website or use our services in any other way.

Most typically, we collect and process the following types of information: a unique ID and technical specifications on your computer, tablet or cell phone, your IP number, geographic location and which pages you visit (interests). To the extent you’ve explicitly given us your consent and single-handedly type in the information, we also collect: your name, phone number, email, address and payment details. This typically happens when you create a login or make a purchase.


The information we collect is used to identify you as a user and to expose you to the ads most likely to be of relevance for you, to register your purchases and payments and to be able to deliver the services you’ve asked for, such as sending you a newsletter. Besides that, we use the information to optimize our service offerings and content.


Time frame for keeping information
We keep your information in the period of time allowed for in accordance with the law and we delete it when it is no longer of any use to us. The time frame depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storing it. We are therefore not in a position to provide a general time frame for when information is deleted.


Disclosure of information
Data about your use of our website, the ads you’re exposed to and which ones you click on, geographical location, gender and age etc. is shared with third parties to the extent they are known to us. In the section on “Cookies” you can see these third parties. The information is used for the purpose of targeting ads.

Besides that, we use a number of third parties for the sake of storing and processing data. They only process information on our behalf and are not allowed to use the information for their own purposes.

Disclosure of personally identifiable data such as name and email will never happen unless you have explicitly given your consent. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can protect your information sufficiently.


Insight and complaints
You have the right to know which type of personal data we keep and process. You can also, at any given time, object to the use of this information. You can also withdraw your consent to process information about you. If the information stored and processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. Inquiries related to this should be sent to: If you have any complaints about the way we treat your personal data you can also contact the Danish data monitoring organization, Datatilsynet.



Information Security Policy


Updated 06/5-2022 



The purpose of this policy is to direct the design, implementation and management of an effective Information Security Program, which ensures that Cloudeon’s information assets are appropriately identified, recorded, and afforded suitable protection at all times. This document sets forth certain principles regarding the responsible use of information by Cloudeon and outlines the roles and responsibilities of personnel to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Cloudeon’s resources and data, also, not limited to: 


  • Ensure that operation of and access to Cloudeon Information Systems are conducted in a manner that protects Cloudeon Information from unauthorized disclosure or access; 
  • Provide executive direction and support within Cloudeon for the management of information security in accordance with business requirements, relevant laws, and regulations; 
  • Alongside the Information Security Risk Management Standard and Privacy and Data Protection Policy to provide the high-level direction and justification for Cloudeon’s risk-based information security controls. 



  • Maintain a high level of protection of Information against any unauthorized actions 
  • Set general ISMS goals 
  • Set information security improvement plan and tools by including them to strategic and work plans 
  • Ensure that employees have means to continuously improve their security knowledge 
  • Ensure that ISMS is sufficiently supplied with resources to ensure effective operations (e.g., meeting goals) and continuous improvement 
  • Assure the confidentiality of information is in place 
  • Ensure the Integrity of information is maintained 
  • Ensure that contractual legislative and regulatory obligations are met 
  • Information risks are identified and managed 
  • Individuals accessing our information are aware of their information security responsibilities 



This policy covers Cloudeon’s information and information systems, including information and information systems used, managed, or operated by a contractor or other vendors and applicable to all Cloudeon employees, contractors, and other users of Cloudeon’s information and information systems. 



Compliance with the controls in this policy will be monitored by the Information Security team and reported to Cloudeon’s Management team. 



Confidentiality – information will be accessible only to authorized individuals 

Integrity – the accuracy and completeness of information will be maintained 

Availability – information will be accessible to authorized users and processes when required 

Cloudeon has implemented an Information Security Management System based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 International Standard for Information Security. 


We have made technical and organizational security measures to protect your information against being accidentally or illegally deleted, being published, being lost, being degraded, getting into the hands of unauthorized people, being misused or in any other way illegally handled.  

Cloudeon has implemented technology, management processes and policies aimed to maintain data accuracy. According to applicable laws, Cloudeon provides individuals with reasonable access to personal information that they provided to Cloudeon and the ability to review and correct the data or ask for anonymization, blockage, or deletion, as applicable. To protect your privacy and security, we take steps to verify your identity before granting access to your data. In case of any questions or concerns related to your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Manager: 




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