Our Philosophy

Cloudeon - Our Philosophy

We want philosophy, we need philosophy, we have philosophy
and we breed philosophy.

The ancient Greeks explained the word “philosophy” as a designation for science and an art of life based on insights leading to mastery of passion and happy living.

Cloudeon - Science and innovation

 At Cloudeon we embrace science and innovation. We have the best “Superhero’s” you can possible imagine within cloud computing, automation, IoT, machine learning and General Data Protection Regulation – just to name a few.

We master our passion of delivering the best possible solutions to Enterprise clients, helping them delivering IT at the speed of business.

Cloudeon - Why we do it

Why we do it

The world is changing at high speed and is not stopping for anything. Not even the IT department. We can’t keep handling IT-projects and technology the way we have been doing it before, and expect to still be competitive, lean, mean and successful. That’s where Cloudeon kick in!

What we do

Enterprises are very much aware of why they need to change their approach and are now seeking talented IT companies like Cloudeon to help them. We offer a broad range of cloud services and solutions based on the newest methods and technologies – handles by our highly skilled and certified consultants. From consulting to transition, development, cloud building and 24/7 operations – we bring the power needed to bring a some of that Superhero power to the Enterprises.

Cloudeon - What we do
Cloudeon - How we do it

How we do it

We plan, we build and we run – fast! We only hire the best architects, service delivery managers, project managers, sales executives, receptionists, baristas, chefs. We represent the forefront of knowledge within an extremely demanding IT universe and thus only hiring the best of the best to our team. We control all the new methods around and treat both our employees and clients very well. That’s basicly all you need to know. In our office we have written the following on the wall “Customer service is not a department. It’s an attitude”. We think that spells it out.