We're on track - CLOUDEON improve results by 21 mio. DKK


May 05, 2021

The Danish cloud company, CLOUDEON, have published their accounts for 2020 which shows growth in both top and bottom. The EBITDA-result is improved by 21 mio. DKK compared to 2019


After two years of planned, massive investments in solutions and development of internal IP, 2020 was the year where CLOUDEON picked up their revised strategy that spans across the copany's locations in Denmark and Lithuania.


The company was recently recognized as a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider (eMSP). This has put CLOUDEON in an exclusive, global elite, as only the 96th recognized eMSP. The diligent work with achieving the recognition has been one part of the company's goal of delevering services on the highest level to the enterprise and large public sector segments, that are CLOUDEON's primary target groups.


"I am very satisfied with our result for 2020, which, in many ways, was a really strange year. A global pandemic, closed offices, and remote employer care doesn't seem like a growth inducing cocktail off the bat," says Søren Dandanell Nielsen, CEO of CLOUDEON, and he continues "but we succeeded in implementing our planned changes in the organization and those changes made a positive impact on the annual accounts, which shows growth of more than 20% and an EBITDA that has improved by over 20 mio. DKK from the previous accounts."


For CLOUDEON, who currently employs around 100 people in both Denmark and Lithuania, it is currently "all hands on deck" in relation to assignments.

"The cloud market is in growth and even the most hardcore on-premise fanatics are starting to quite down and engage in a more objective and constructive dialogue based on value creation, rather than about who can run a server cheapest. Our criteria for success is to be able to constantly challenge our customers on their thoughts and believes and be as passionate about their problems as we are about the solutions to them. For that you need skilled employees that thrive in their daily work, are continuously up-skilling, and who work agile and effeciently with their tasks. In this area we are progressing nicely in 2021 but we are far from being at the finish line. We continue our growth journey and keep focusing on employee care and high customer satisfaction" concludes the CEO.

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