Successful Danish cloud company expands in Lithuania and Baltic States


June 14, 2021

In 2019, Danish information technology company, CLOUDEON, established a DevOps service center in Lithuania, providing 24/7 operational and engineering services to the company's customers throughout the Nordic region. Now, the company is entering a new phase and starting commercial activities in Lithuania


CLOUDEON, founded in 2016, are assisting medium and large sized companies with consulting, guidance, and migration of cloud projects.


Demand and interest in the company's services has steadily increased, therefore, in 2018 CLOUDEON established a branch in Lithuania. Cloud maintenance and management services from the Vilnius office are provided to customers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. And in June of this year, the company's second Lithuanian office, located in Kaunas, started operating. In addition, CLOUDEON starts commercial activities in Lithuania and intends to provide services to all customers in the Baltic region.


"Almost half of all CLOUDEON employees work in Vilnius and Kaunas, so Lithuania is an important investment direction for the company," says Darius Janulevičius, who heads the company's Lithuanian branch. – More than 1-million-euro European Union financial support will be used for development of our country, which will be used for further development of OpsAI - CLOUDEON's autonomous cloud operations platform. The Vilnius and Kaunas teams are engaged in the development of this platform."


The Kaunas office already employs ten people, their number is expected to double in the coming years. According to the shareholders of the company, Kaunas is very attractive for its young talents, who have the skills and ambitions to join the growing CLOUDEON family.



Highest Microsoft rating


CLOUDEON were recognized as an expert Microsoft Service Provider (eMSP) from Microsoft Azure in the first quarter of this year. This is the highest level of Microsoft certificate that a partner can achieve.   CLOUDEON is among the first 100 partners to achieve the eMSP recognition - globally. By comparison, there are around 90.000 eligible Microsoft service providers.


"We see a good commercial potential in the region, and thus look forward to establishing a dialogue with customers as well as developing cooperation with Microsoft and AWS as strategic technology partners. The eMSP recognition by Microsoft, testifies our high level of competencies, excellence, and skills, which, will add weight to entering the Baltic market. We see this as a new phase of our company,” – Søren Dandanell Nielsen, CEO of CLOUDEON, talks about development in Lithuania.


He notes that the company primarily seeks to create value for its customers, and the Nordic market has already recognized that CLOUDEON is indeed capable of this.



A new IT era


"For more than five years, we have been developing, improving and grinding cloud services and Agile project management models that help customers move safely to the cloud. From the very beginning, we can conduct a comprehensive review of the client's IT environment (servers, applications, their interrelationships, technical debt and risk, security, etc.) with our own OpsAI software platform, to the creation, transfer, and maintenance of secure space in the cloud, 24/7, from our center in Vilnius," says Frank Mogensen, Chief Technology Officer at CLOUDEON.


Darius Janulevičius, whose office in Vilnius employs more than 40 employees, also enjoys entrusted relationships and greater responsibilities. He emphasizes the importance of the agile approach, where independent, empowered teams create high-value products, and company leaders lead by example rather than "being in charge."


"What CLOUDEON has achieved in just five years is truly impressive. I’m convinced that with the help of the cloud to assist companies transform and ascend to a higher stage of business opportunities and development, we embody a new trend of technologies. We work internally as a well-structured team – I am responsible for operating in Lithuania, but every day together in different groups we look for prompt, valuable and effective solutions for our clients. And, last but not least, we do this work with a smile," reveals the head of CLOUDEON in Lithuania.


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