SKI agreement 02.22

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November 16, 2018

"Staten og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice" - the Danish public procurement service, has announced that CLOUDEON are eligble to deliver services on SKI agreement 02.22 which relates to operations and end user units - delivered as a service.


CLOUDEON have been chosen as delivery partner on SKI 02.22

About a year ago, CLOUDEON were, in cooperation with a series of partners, picked as delivery partners on SKI agreement 02.17 "IT consulting". Now, the 2.5 year old company has been awarded another agreement, the 02.22, which enables CLOUDEON to deliver operations and end user units to the public sector.


"We are very satisfied with being awarded a spot in the 02.22 company. This enables us to deliver some of our most attractive services to the public sector, namely IT operations and simplification of end user devices" says Søren Dandanell Nielsen, partner and CBDO for CLOUDEON.


CLOUDEON is Denmark's largest "cloud-only" IT-delivery partner with services ranging from consultancy to technical Cloud development to Cloud Centers of Excellence and 24/7 operations. All services that the company has good experience selling to the commercial market.



Unique software paves the way

"With CLOUDEON's own software, we are able to execute advanced scannings of existing infrastructure and in that way assess an operations-scenario in Cloud. The software contributes with a series of informations about risc, compliance, and economy. An optimal starting point in talks about operation of public systems and solutions developed in Cloud" Søren Dandanell Nielsen adds.

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