Securing Solar's IT future


March 26, 2020

The service- and sourcing company, Solar A/S, are focusing on their IT efforts with a new Cloud environment and Cloud education for their employees - both supplied by CLOUDEON


Solar A/S is known as a sourcing and service company within branches of electricity, plumbing, industry, and climate/energy. Their work focuses on optimizing logistics and reducing waste for other companies. Now they have turned their efforts invwards. With over 3.000 employees and 7 customer centers in Denmark, Solar is a company with a high demand for fast, secure and scaleable IT-infrastructure. Therefore, Solar have picked CLOUDEON as their new partner in implementing a new Cloud enviroment and further educating their staff in handling of the new Cloud setup.


Handling IT in large scale companies

The challenge of setting up a new Cloud environment or adjusting, optimizing and scaling of an old one is something many classic IT-departments in enterprises face. But the problem often starts way before handling of the Cloud - namely in the mapping and overview of the current IT-infrastructure and the potential of configuring this. Therefore, CLOUDEON developed their own mapping tool, OpsAI.


"Many are considering how to restructure the classic enterprise IT-department to an agile Cloud-based unit. Our project with Solar divides this transition into steps through various disciplines that are required to land safely in the Cloud. Our project takes its point of departure in the analysis we have conducted with our OpsAI software and it builds both a plan and business case based on the factual data that is already present in the customer's infrastructure."

- Peter Juhl, Chief Office Designer


The project will be running for half a year.

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