Myths About the Cloud

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September 17, 2020

As it always is with most new technology or new ways of thinking – that technology often suffers from misconceptions of the way things work in this new regime or the lack of proper insights.


CLOUDEON has gathered the most common misconceptions regarding the cloud and the way to approach it.

#1 The cloud lacks security.

Not true. Security in the cloud is in most cases tighter than your existing system.

Cloud security is constantly improving. In most cases, cloud vendors will have data encryption functionality and security procedures that are far tighter and exceed beyond the capabilities of any current on-site solution. All cloud vendors employ countless specialists in security and software – and data is safer in the hands of well trained professionals who are cloud certified according to over 70 international security standards including ISO27001 and 270018.

#2 Migrating to the cloud can take months - even years.

Not really. Migrating to the cloud can be done within just a few weeks.

Both the cloud provider and CLOUDEON take care of all aspects during a migration and will give you all the relevant information and tools to make the process as smooth as possible. Our migration tools and procedures enable hundreds of servers and systems to be migrated at a very fast pace. Our tools can deal with all types of systems and services.

#3 The cloud is expensive.

Not true. Cloud technology services can save you money.

By utilizing the cloud, you don’t have to buy or install anything, removing the need for up-front capital expenditure. Security, power, cooling, maintenance and hardware refresh costs are included.
If you are interested in investigating the posibilities for potential savings in cloud, look here.

#4 The cloud is not flexible nor suitable for our situation.

The cloud is both flexible, modular, and scaleable with your business.

The cloud is a flexible solution and cloud providers have a wide range of cloud-computing offerings to meet the needs of all types of organizations. It is a flexible solution, so you only pay for what you use while remaining in control of your resources. You have the ability to scale up or down, on demand, without ever having to invest in new hardware.

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