Magnus Mårtensson and The Microsoft Azure MVP

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June 28, 2021

What is a Microsoft Azure MVP? How do you become one? And how do you maintain the title? We sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Magnus Mårtensson, to find out more.


What is a Microsoft Azure MVP?

A Microsoft Azure most valuable professional, or MVP, is a title awarded to the most diligent and persistent Azure professionals in the industry. The title is not achieved easily, which is evident from the low number of official MVPs globally. According to the MVP Microsoft website, only 527 out of all Microsoft Azure professionals can boast about being MVPs and even fewer can boast about having had the title from the very beginning of the MVP program – but at CLOUDEON, we know a guy.


Becoming an Azure MVP

“I do it because I can’t help it”, Magnus Mårtensson says when asked about why he is so devoted to his work with Azure. “I started working with Azure back in its early days, and I quickly became fascinated with its usability and wanted to know it all – and to do it all. Later, I have discovered that I pretty much bet on the right horse”, he elaborates with a smile.
Becoming a Microsoft Azure MVP is not as straightforward as Magnus makes it sound like, though. To even be considered for the title, you must be nominated by your Microsoft Azure peers and be recognized as being outstanding in your field while contributing to sharing knowledge and know-how in the Azure community. For Magnus, the MVP journey began back in 2012: “I remember that back then [in 2012, edt.] there were very few Azure MVPs and not too many Azure professionals either. So being nominated and later being awarded the title was an honor”. Today, the honor is even greater - with Microsoft Azure being one of the most widely used Public Cloud solutions globally, being an Azure MVP holds even more gravitas.


Being an Azure MVP

For professionals such as Magnus, who dream, speak, and live Azure, achieving the title of MVP is a huge testament to their merits, and often a natural next step on their Azure adventures. To maintain the prestigious title, an Azure MVP must continue contributing to the betterment of the community. There are many ways of contributing, and all MVPs do so in their own ways, whether through articles, blogs, webinars, conferences, or whole books on Azure subjects. For Magnus, his passion has always been speaking and teaching, so when he is not speaking at conferences himself, he plans them. Global Azure Bootcamp and CloudBurst are two of the Azure community events that Magnus and other MVPs have established to ensure knowledge-sharing and community building.
His dedicated efforts have contributed to even more than the Azure MVP status, as Magnus is also recognized as Regional Director and Azure Advisor by Microsoft.



When asked why he chose to join CLOUDEON, Magnus smiles and remarks: “CLOUDEON offers a solution called Cloud Center of Excellence – I am excellent at cloud – it’s a perfect match”. Since joining in February 2021, Magnus has been employed as Chief Product Officer, which puts him at the forefront of developing and defining innovative solutions for one of the few companies accredited expert Managed Service Provider. “I am driven by challenges, by handling and overcoming challenges in new and innovative ways – and I get to do that here at CLOUDEON. The expert Managed Service Provider status that CLOUDEON received earlier this year testaments to this being a place for dedicated professionals with a digital mindset” Magnus remarks.

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