Energinet makes further investments in Cloud


June 18, 2020

CLOUDEON have agreed on a 2-year deal with Energinet to deliver a Cloud Center of Excellence, which enforces balance between speed and stability for the business. CLOUDEON are also chosen to operate the solution.


With more than 1500 employees distributed across Denmark, purposful digitization is a cornerstone for the future of Energinet. Therefore, Energinet have chosen to expand their digitization efforts with a considerable upscaling of their Cloud engagement.


Engerginet have chosen to distribute a multiple millions DKK to the implementation of a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). The solution builds on strict rules around compliance, security, and risk-assesment, and the CLOUDEON Cloud Center of Excellence solution secures best practice and best solutions in each of these areas.

Energinet will receive a state-of-the-art foundation for future Cloud development and handling and this investment will bring them at the very forefront of securing Danish utility services for the future. 


A Cloud Center of Excellence secures a high degree of agility which enables the users to develop and adapt solutions at the speed of business. Thereby, you are secured a short process from idea to product. Meanwhile, the solution serves as the foundation of a modern, agile, organisation.


Energinet have chosen CLOUDEON for the delivery and operations of the Cloud Center of Excellence. The task is an extension of a current agreement from 2019. 

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