CLOUDEON launches Rosti into the Cloud


March 11, 2020

For more than 75 years, Rosti has delivered quality products, systems, and services for some of the top brands globally. Now Rosti is modernizing their IT-platform to a Cloud solution and they have picked CLOUDEON for the task on a 3-year agreement amounting to a seven figure deal.


Rosti was founded in Denmark in 1944 by Rolf Fahrenholz and Stig Jørgensen. In 1948 they started producing their famous "Margrethe Skål" - the Margrethe Bowl - which was designed by Jacob Jensen and Acton Björns Design Studio. This is a bowl that most Danes know of and many have in their kitchens.

Today, Rosti is a global company with production in Sweden, Germany, UK, Poland, Romania, Turkey, China, and Malaysia. More than 3.200 employees world wide are securing the delivery of plastic elements for everything from shavers to the car industry. As a global organisation, Rosti is therefore deeply dependent on an efficient and secure IT-setup, that can help the business' continual growth.

From legacy IT to Cloud

As many other companies, Rosti wanted to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that lie in a modern Cloud solution. This is a solution that can support the flexibility that is required of a modern international company - and a solution which gave Rosti the opporunity to start implementing modern software technologies such as AI, mahcine learning, etc.

"I started working for Rosti in mid 2017 and my vision has always been to transform the company's IT to a modern Cloud-, or at least Managed Service based environment in which basic management and maintainance is outsourced to a professional partner. After a lot of hard work with putting out IT "fires", while still analysing the market and defining our own needs, we chose CLOUDEON. It was acutally quite a simple choice when it came down to it as it was important for us to find a partner that could not only run our future IT Operations, but also was able to consult us in the aforementioned analysis-process - while being able to guide us through the transformation. With all these requirements, only CLOUDEON was left as a viable candidate - also because it shines through that they are a "born" Cloud partner, and have not, as many other companies, transformed from traditional IT to also being a Cloud provider. 


CLOUDEON's tool for analysis, OpsAI, created an efficient foundation for our needs assesment and future structure - and their competent consultants are crucial partners for our own IT-architects in both analysis, design, and implementation"


- Lasse Bjørn Jensen, Global IT Director, Rosti


"We are already well under way with the work with Rosti and it is an exciting international project with many locations globally. I believe that many companies can reflect their situation in the Rosti project, where a classic legacy setup is being converted into a modern and agile Cloud setup. A project which involves most of CLOUDEON's competencies and services including scanning with our own software, OpsAI, Academy work, Cloud transition and 24/7 Cloud operations." says Søren Dandanel, CBDO and partner in CLOUDEON.


Rosti and CLOUDEON have made a 3-year agreement with the option of extending.



For further information, please contact us:



Søren Dandanell Nielsen, Partner & CBDO.

Phone. +45 70 70 11 33 

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