CLOUDEON pre-qualifies to SKI 02.17


April 19, 2021

CLOUDEON are participating in the tender plan to have their provision of SKI 02.17 renewed


The Danish public procurement service (SKI) have since their founding in 1994 worked towards effectivizing and professionalizing Danish public procurement. CLOUDEON are currently a part of the SKI-agreements handling procurement of IT-consultants for public assignments, called SKI 02.17. 

The SKI 02.17 agreement is renewed every fourth year and this process requires all current and potential suppliers to qualify for the tender. In this process, CLOUDEON has prequalified as one of 22 suppliers and which means they are closer to be named one of the only 15 selected SKI 02.17 partners for the second time in a row.

About the 02.17 SKI agreement:

The 02.17 SKI agreement relates to consultancy in realtion to IT tenders. It provides public organizations access to the full range of cloud-specialists and consultants that qualified suppliers can provide, at a fixed hourly rate. Furthermore, the agreement allows public organizations to allocate consultants and experts directly onto their projects on a framework agreement.

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