CLOUDEON opens new office in the second largest city in Lithuania


June 10, 2021

CLOUDEON expands with a new office in Kaunas, where young talent from the local tech and university communities will develop and run quality cloud solutions.


CLOUDEON opens an office in Kaunas

CLOUDEON, today one of Denmark’s leading companies in innovative and visionary cloud solutions, expands its activities in Lithuania with an office in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania and the center of a rapidly growing technological community.

Kaunas was the capital of Lithuania from 1919-1940 and many Lithuanians view the city as particularly Lithuanian with traditions and architecture tracing back to medieval times. However, today the city is a thriving student and university hub that has opened its doors to foreign investors and local startups alike. They benefit from Kaunas’ central placement in both logistic and economic flows through Europe.

Kaunas as a technological center

Lithuania has the second largest percentage of young people with a higher education in the EU, and Darius Janulevicius, the manager of CLOUDEON’s Vilnius office, explains that this makes Kaunas especially attractive as a place to find new talent for cloud solutions. “To open in Kaunas is a natural next step for CLOUDEON”, Janulevicius says and and adds:

"Kaunas is famous for engineering and technology and has been the birthplace of a lot of the innovative solutions used in technology and AI today. I personally studied at Kaunas University of Technology and one third of the people employed at the Vilnius office studied in Kaunas Universities too". - Darius Janulevicius

A competitive advantage

For CLOUDEON opening an additional office in Lithuania means securing a continued stream of the specialized knowledge needed to run and develop CLOUDEON’s cloud solutions and cloud automation platform, OpsAI. The Vilnius office has already hired the first 9 employees for Kaunas and they expect to double the amount next year. The new staff will primarily consist of cloud engineers, and Janulevicius expect the Lithuanian cloud talent to appreciate the opportunity to work in Kaunas:

"Kaunas is green and clean, it is an historic city - and it is a very Lithuanian city. More than 500.000 Lithuanians live in the Kaunas County and the people who are educated in Kaunas would like to keep living in the area". - Darius Janulevicius

With the office in Kaunas CLOUDEON gets access to a large talent pool of cloud engineers and is at the same time able to offer their employees the best possible work conditions: living in one of the most popular cities in Lithuania while working with cutting edge technology.

Janulevicius also adds that the office in Kaunas will give CLOUDEON a competetive advantage, “because the technological potential in Kaunas is newer and the market is less saturated than in Vilnius”.

CLOUDEON was established in 2016 and has grown from 6 people to 100+ people in 5 years. The new office in Kaunas is part of the company plans for expanding the international outlook to employ the brightest minds in cloud technology and further growth and innovation.





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