CLOUDEON chosen to operate major EU software solution


June 23, 2020

CLOUDEON have been chosen to operate the "RINA" solution, which is an international solution for transfer of data.


The handling and exchange of personal information between European countries is a crucial task to secure the foundations of the flexible, European job market. One of the pillars in securing this, is the RINA-solution, which CLOUDEON has readied for operation and is currently securing up-time for.

As a result of a recently sanctioned EU legislative, public institutions have been urged to coordinate the social security systems that EU-citizens share, across EU borders. Specifically, this means that personal information of EU-citizesn working in Denmark have to be handled in a new manner.


The solution

To be able to live up to the new directive, the Danish municipalities were forced to implement the inter-European case management system: RINA (Reference Implementation of a National Application), which enables the transfer of information with other, approved, institutions in the EU. It is the RINA-solution that CLOUDEON have readied for operation and are now currently operating it in Amazon Web Services (AWS).


GPDR approved

The RINA solution handles transfer and coordination of informations digitally. This is a task that has previously been handled manually in the specific public institutions. As RINA handles and transfers sensitive personal information, it has been imperative to create a system with a high level of security and user authentication.


The system is being serviced and operated in CLOUDEON's 24/7 Cloud Operations Center. In cooperation with the provider of the assignment, CLOUDEON have ensured that the system is approved for a ISAE-3000, which is a security guideline related to the fulfillment of GDPR legislation.

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