CLOUDEON accelerate BEC's journey to cloud


June 02, 2021

The cooperation gives new posibilities in cloud.


BEC Financial Technologies, who provide IT-partner solutions for financial institutions and other parts of the Danish financial sector, draw on CLOUDEONs knowhow to accelerate their journey to cloud.

For more than a year, several senior CLOUDEON profiles have been working closely with management and employees of BEC to build a new CCoE (cloud center of excellence) and a new operations platform in Microsoft Azure.

First IT-solution on the operations platform will be a new, ambitious business intelligence environment for financial institutions, which among other has set up high demands to operations, governance, compliance, and security.


"For BEC this was a shortcut to knowhow from experienced people who have tried it all, made all the errors and learned from their mistakes. This helped boost our own people's competencies and reach our target faster," tells Jacob Samson Schlüter, who is director of IT Operations for BEC Financial Technologies.


"CLOUDEON have many years of experience with the CCoE og have some of the absolute most experienced and skilled co-workers in this field. We are delighted and proud to help BEC on the exciting journey they are on," says Søren Dandanell Nielsen, CEO at CLOUDEON

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