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August 10, 2021

Being at the very elite of Cloud professionals takes passion and dedication. As a Microsoft Azure MVP, Mustafa Toroman knows what there is to know about cloud-technologies, but when asked about his greatest career moment in the tech-business, it's a human-to-human experience.


Mustafa Toroman, Cloud Solution Architect at CLOUDEON, is a renowned Microsoft Azure professional. He has been around since the early days of the now widely popular Cloud platform. He also has over 40 Microsoft certificates, is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and last but not least, Mustafa is also recognized as an Azure MVP (Most Valuable Professional). The Azure MVP award is given by Microsoft to “technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community” – and as of June 2021, Mustafa Toroman received his sixth consecutive Azure MVP recognition.

Being an Azure evangelist


For Mustafa Toroman, Microsoft Azure is not only an exciting technical solution to bring agility and security to companies worldwide – it is a passion. For many years, before the era of online conferences, he has toured much of the world talking about his deep insights into the world of Cloud and Microsoft Azure. His abilities as a speaker and his proficiency into Azure has made him a busy keynote speaker at conferences such as MS Ignite and Techdays – but as much as Mustafa Toroman enjoys sharing knowledge through speaking at conferences, his real passion lies in writing.

After having spent years writing pieces on various Azure topics and having them published, one of Mustafa’s friends jokingly suggested that he started taking the matter more serious and write books on his knowledge – a piece of advice that turned out to be a good suggestion. Today, Mustafa Toroman is a recognized author on a series of Microsoft Azure matters with 6 publications in 7 languages. Touching on topics such as security, Cloud administration, and networking has made him a recognized thought leader and communicator and is a substantial part of his achievement of being a six-time Azure MVP.


Toroman books


"Greatest moment of my career"


So, what ignites the passion in a driven man as Mustafa Toroman? When asked about the greatest achievement of his career, he remarks with a smile: “I remember once after a speech I held at a conference – this was before Corona – a guy from the audience walks up to me. Usually, when people do this, it is to ask questions or to thank you for the speech, but this guy said; “Thank you – because of your books I have been able to land a job”. That really made an impact on me and reminded me of what importance your actions can have on others.”

The passion for making a change and impacting his surroundings was also a contributing factor in choosing to join CLOUDEON: “I mean, I know Magnus (Mårtensson, edt.) who is also an Azure MVP. I know that CLOUDEON is working on innovating in areas of Cloud and I love to challenge the norms. I want to be at the forefront of cloud innovation, and this was a chance for me to do so.”

This mindset falls perfectly in line with Mustafa’s new role as Cloud Solution Architect, where he will be involved with some of the most modern Enterprise IT projects obtainable in the market.




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