Hybrid Cloud

Application modernisation and digital transformation for the modern business

Agile development in the Cloud with seamless deployment in your hybrid Cloud



A reliable and standardized solution purposely built for you datacenter.



Maintain full control of your data locally and in Cloud.



Pay-as-you-go model to cut down on your overhead costs.

The Hybrid Cloud provides a rich and powerful platform for developers to build mod-ern applications, and while most applications are moving there quickly, some appli-cations however face obstacles; latency, intermittent connectivity, and regulation be-ing the primary examples.

Why Hybrid Cloud


CLOUDEON has Cloud experts, certified as Microsoft trainers, with many years of practical experience in Cloud Computing from both the infrastructure, platform and software development perspective, ready to educate your team. The Cloud is the foundation of any successful Digital Transformation.


Our instructors have helped many organizations on their journey. Our number one priority is to understand your business as this enables us to create a course that matches your specific knowledge needs. Being close to your business ensures a successful Cloud migration.


If you need expert training, that we might not have the right competence for, we have an extensive network of world-renowned industry experts that can train your team when needed.




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Cloud represents a paradigm shift in how to approach IT, and part of a successful Cloud Journey is having the right skills and knowledge of Cloud in your organization. To leverage the capabilities of Cloud requires insight of all the technical and business-related functionalities. 

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