Cloud Journey

Realize the power of the Cloud

Throughout the stages of the Cloud Journey, you get an accurate overview of all your servers and applications, all system dependencies, risk assessments, locations, and data flows.

The Cloud Journey is separated into different stages. See the stages below and navigate through the Cloud Journey


  1. Cloud Reality
  2. OpsAI
  3. Cloud Enablement
  4. Cloud Transition
  5. Cloud Operations & Support

Why Cloud Reality


Our unique assessment solution CLOUD REALITY gives you all the information and clarity you need, to build your Cloud business case.


This includes Cloud benefits, pin-pointing of your savings and opportunities based on real-time overviews including operational considerations, technical choices, financial overviews, strategic and operational road maps.

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Gain full overview of your IT assets


OpsAI is an intelligent automation platform that gives you accurate overview of your company’s IT infrastructure. You gain insight into everything about your servers, your applications, their interdependence and risk and economy assessment.


OpsAI has a built-in Cloud Economics Estimation, which tells what it costs to move the local data center to the Cloud and thus provides a good decision basis for further dialogue. In other words, we have tried to make a complex area more transparent so that you can free yourself from the IT that blurs your digital transformation.




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"I needed a roadmap tool to get an overview of our IT infrastructure. It is a huge job to document a dynamic server landscape that is constantly changing by high frequency. So it was a relief when we came across CLOUDEON's CLOUD REALITY that helped us excellently with this."


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Why Cloud Enablement


With Cloud Enablement we ensure, via best practice methodology, that your Cloud platform is configured and built the right way. 

This approach guarantees success on your Cloud journey. We assist and inspire you every step of the way to help you achieve maximum impact of your investment in Cloud.




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Why Cloud Transition


Cloud Expertise – CLOUDEON has the trained and certified Cloud experts with many years of experience with on-premise workloads and their needs. This enables us to advise and transition your workloads to the cloud with minimal impact on your business. Take the pain out of transition projects with predictable results


Transitioning your IT to any new platform is often a daunting task that interrupts business, causes loss of focus and comes with a huge financial overhead. CLOUDEON offers a proven framework and tooling process to ensure a swift and seamless transition to a Public- and/or hybrid Cloud.




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Cloud Operations & Support


CLOUD Operations has certified experts ready 24/7. We perform the hard work of keeping your daily operations efficient and secure. You get all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.


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