Cloud Reality

Build your business case. Create your roadmap. Capitalize on cloud economics.

Key Benefits
Map and analyze your infrastructure in real time compared to the cloud and outline the benefits of cloud economics before moving your workloads into the cloud.
Simulate and validate current and future business case scenarios and receive recommendations on best practice before making vital decisions.
A realistic and operational cloud strategy based on your infrastructure and specific cloud economics gives you the fact to make a successful transition.

Realize the power of the cloud

Right now, stop imagining the potential of cloud economics. CLOUD REALITY brings the future to your present, realizing the power of cloud economics right in the palm of your hand.

Based on agentless data collection and analysis, CLOUD REALITY provides you with live insights into every corner of your IT setup and performance – empowering you to make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.

Capitalizing on cloud computing requires continual effort and adjustments. CLOUD REALITY is your key to cloud benefits, savings and opportunities. It provides you with real-time overviews including operational considerations, technology choices, financial overviews, and strategic and operational roadmaps.

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