Cloud Enablement

Deliver results at the speed of business and arrive safely in the cloud.

Key Benefits
Experienced cloud experts and tested guidelines let you be in the driver’s seat and take control on your cloud journey.
Transition guides are based on analysis of your specific workloads enables you to identify the right transition path for each workload and to utilize the most optimal cloud economic model - in real time.
Deliver cloud operational excellence and build the right skills and organisation with our proven delivery and governance model.

The power of the cloud unleashed

Everything you need to move comfortably and securely in to the Cloud. Our guided framework gives you full control and can be customized to your specific requirements. CLOUD ENABLEMENT brings the power of the cloud to your business and your unique workloads with our transition guides and fact-based recommendations.

With CLOUD ENABLEMENT you establish cloud fundamentals based on best practice that steers you through the required choices on Cloud governance, Cloud security, Cloud technology and Cloud architecture with our experienced experts leading you all the way.

CLOUD ENABLEMENT removes the mystery of the cloud with hands on experience on how to move and develop new cloud solutions without any financial uncertainty. Our guidelines for cloud economics and chargeback are based on the facts from your Cloud Reality.

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