Digital Workspace

Plug in, turn on, start working - the future of the workspace has arrived.

Key Benefits
Integrated identity and data management ensures that users can securely access applications and data from any device or location, in a manner that suits their way of working.
Bring the users back in control. The Digital Workspace allows your users to enroll their own devices and reduce the provisioning time drastically, without losing visibility and control of the estate.
Improve the productivity by provid- ing your users with the right tools needed to do their job effectively.
Remain secure and in control of your desktops, laptops, smart- phones and tablets in a connected, unified and depend- able concept covering the whole world.
Utilize the groundbreaking Identity and Access Management solution and share information across both cloud and on-premise identities with the ability to identify compro- mised credentials and data and respond swiftly.

The nature of work is changing

Collaborative environments, rapid advances in mobile technology and real-time collaboration are enabling workers to get more done in more places than ever before. The Digital Workspace brings together best-of-breed technologies to provide users with a visionary, collaborative and highly secure workspace that embraces the information worker of the future.

Bring the competitive edge to your business and create a motivated, flexible and productive workforce with the capability to seamlessly and securely transition from device or application, any time at any place. Cloudeon Digital Workspace combines mobility and scalability with rapid deployment and a flexible, yet secure, access to critical applications and data when needed.

Leveraging leading solutions from Microsoft, Cloudeon Digital Workspace has been designed from the ground up to deliver the best user experience. The proven technology components – coupled with our expertise – provides a lightweight and highly scalable end-user experience, empowering both employees and management alike.

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