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IT Infrastructure has over time developed into a complex sticky environment. It takes a lot of effort to get an overview to determine the IT estate status for usage, patch levels, application and system dependencies, risk and compliance. IT and Business has grown apart and ‘shadow IT’ enters your business.

OPSAI is the platform to give you deep insight into your IT estate, allowing IT and Business to have a common view of your systems and processes.

OPSAI is your future platform for managing your IT estate – simulate and validate cloud cost scenarios with right sizing and license benefits – ensure a secure and com-pliant IT infrastructure and automate your operations.

Specialized Tooling – Integrated machine learning which enables you to detect, show, model and analyze your current IT and map it to a cloud-based configuration including application, cost and connectivity factors. Gain deep insights – Gives you a comprehensive insight into your infrastructure, re-vealing technical debt, and security risks, allowing you to intercept risks before they evolve into problems.

Enable your Cloud Transition – Provides a detailed overview of your current infrastructure, and detailed information about your usage, technical debt, to calculate the costs of running in Cloud. Get insight to make the right decisions when adopting the Cloud.

OpsAI gives you automated view of your IT assets and helps you move them into the Cloud.

OpsAI is an intelligent automation platform that gives you accurate overview of your company’s IT infrastructure. You gain insight into everything about your servers, your applications, their interdependence and risk and economy assessment. OpsAI has a built-in Cloud Economics Estimation, which tells what it costs to move the local data center to the cloud and thus provides a good decision basis for further dialogue. In other words, we have tried to make a complex area more transparent so that you can free yourself from the IT that blurs your digital transformation.

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