Realize the power of the Cloud

Throughout the stages of the Cloud Journey, you get an accurate overview of all your servers and applications, all system dependencies, risk assessments, locations, and data flows.

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Cloud Reality

Based on your infrastructure and potential tangible financial benefits, you will receive a realistic and viable Cloud strategy which will prepare you for a successful transformation.

Cloud Enablement

Based on the knowledge gained in the Cloud Reality phase we prepare the actual move to the Cloud. We always consider governance and technical debt and will move your servers safely into the Cloud.

Cloud Transition

Our team of Cloud migration specialists is behind you. We use guaranteed test and roll-back methods that minimize the risk and ensures minimal impact on your business.

Cloud Operations & Support

CLOUD Operations has certified experts ready 24/7. We perform the hard work of keeping your daily operations efficient and secure. You get all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

Cloud Academy

Working in your new Cloud environment, your team might need education and new skills. Our Cloud Academy offer certifications and training in all the relevant Cloud technologies to help bring you into the future.

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We help you get an overview of your IT-infrastructure with our SaaS platform OpsAi. This provides a complete, real-time view of your current IT setup.

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What is the difference between on-premise and Cloud?

Cloud provides far more than just desired server capacity and data storage. Cloud opens up a whole new world of digital capabilities and smart tools that enable your business to quickly, cost-effectively, and securely launch new services to support your business.

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Focus on your business while our team of experts monitors and maintains your infrastructure, through automated operations

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