Digital Services

Your fast track from business idea to product

Focus on business outcome

You want to keep your competitive edge, and have the ability to respond faster to threats from current competitors and new rivals driven by digital business models.

Digital business requires speed and agility which Cloud-computing provides through the use of Cloud-services.

DIGITAL GARAGE enables you to explore your ideas, products or services and validate them with your customers to get a ”hands-on” understanding whether it works or not and if it will meet customer expectations. This is the shortest path to understanding more about the viability of your idea.

If the experiment turns out to be promising, you are already one step in the right direction, if it does not turn out the way you wanted, you fail fast, and save a lot of valuable time and money.

DIGITAL FACTORY is a subscription for agile development and operation of software in the Cloud. It covers a full value chain from business idea to operations. Solutions are by design, secure, compliant, resilient, instrumented and self fixing which reduces operating cost. The Cloud-platform is scalable, flexible and offers a variety of ready-to-run services.

Dream – Design – Develop – Drive

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