Microsoft Gold partner competencies

Cloudeon has 6 Gold Microsoft Partnerships and 2 Silver Partnerships


Microsoft’s DevOps Gold Competency displays an ongoing commitment and understanding of the DevOps frameworks as they relate to Microsoft products. As a Microsoft DevOp partner we are able to assist in streamlining DevOps deployment in your application lifecycle. However, those gold competencies have displayed DevOps knowledge, recognized through a series of rigorous examinations.

Earning a Gold Competency in Microsoft DevOps means that a business understands both the tools and the processes necessary to help enterprises to grow into a robust, mature DevOps framework via the utilization of Microsoft’s toolkit.

Data Analytics

Microsoft’s Gold competencies in Data Analytics demonstrate the best-in-class capability in the field of IoT & Data analytics. To earn a Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Competency, partners submit customer references which demonstrate successful projects in Data Analytics and must also complete trainings & assessments to prove their level of technology expertise, thereby ensuring a required level of capacity.

Application Development

In an app-driven economy, we help our customers build great software solutions and thereby creating highly differentiated value for them. We help with your digital transformation by leveraging Microsoft technologies to build web and mobile apps or help modernize your existing apps and put them in the Cloud on Azure. With the Application Development competency, we provide expertise in development solutions on a comprehensive and enterprise-proven platform, as well as expanded offerings on a hybrid Cloud-Platform


With our Cloud-Platform competency, we help customers modernize their infrastructure, migrate applications and data to the Cloud, and build analytics solutions on data platforms in the cloud. We can also deliver services and build products using SaaS and PaaS solutions available on Azure Marketplace. In addition, Cloud-Platform competency enables us as partner to manage our customers’ infrastructure and offer differentiated managed services to customers.

Cloud Productivity

Office 365 is the most secure Cloud productivity solution with the most complete set of commercial-grade productivity offerings on the market today. With over 100 million monthly active commercial users, Office 365 technologies span all productivity categories including Authoring, Mail, Integrated Teamwork, Social, Site and Content Management, Chat, Meeting and Voice and Analytics.

The Cloud Productivity competency enables us as Gold Partner to demonstrate our technical capability in delivering Office 365 solutions across multiple or single productivity practice areas under Microsoft’s largest commercial cloud business.


With the Datacenter competency we provide Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization Deployment Service. We are known for transforming classic datacenters into flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions.

Investing in hybrid Cloud solutions provides agile, scalable and on-demand infrastructure. Microsoft has a comprehensive portfolio of products (including infrastructure, applications, management and security) across the datacenter and Cloud. With our Datacenter and Cloud capabilities, we offer hybrid and differentiated offerings to our customers.

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