Nellemann Group created a clear 'cloud-first (when it makes sense) strategy' and devised and modernised their IT solutions and communications platform, thus streamlining their business.

Nellemann is going to grow through IT, so that flexible infrastructure, hardware and network services are brought into play in order to increase efficiency and ensure that the group offers their customers the best solutions.

Nellemann Group employs around 340 people who, including both domestic and foreign activities in closely related industries, produce a turnover in excess of DKK 2 billion. Besides their own car dealerships in Odense, Roskilde, Valby, Copenhagen and Aarhus, Nellemann also imports Korean Kias, Japanese Kubota tractors, Japanese Isuzus as well as British Aston Martins.

Nellemann Group is comprised of a total of more than 10 companies, which all focus on machines for roads and parks, financial leasing of luxury cars and car sales for businesses and private individuals.

With over 118 years of experience in the Danish automotive sector, Nellemann has a history that reaches far back into the past, as well as visions that extend far into the future.

Nellemann in numbers:

  • Nellemann Group has an annual turnover of approx. DKK 2.1 billion.
  • 340 employees
  • 14 Locations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden – An MPLS Network
  • 118 years of experience in the Danish automotive sector
  • 5 business areas


Nellemann has a tradition of supporting the business with IT solutions that support both business needs and the changing rules of the automotive sector. This focus has placed great emphasis on continuous self-development of software such as the AX platform. Consequently, focus on taking advantage of new opportunities in digital collaboration and communication has not been as great. In connection with a generational change in Nellemann’s IT management, the great focus on supporting the business has been maintained, but increased focus is also being given to extending use of the cloud, as well as optimising integration of the company’s many locations through better communications platforms.

Analysis and close dialogue

In order to optimise internal communication and dialogue, and in order to analyse the company’s existing platform, infrastructure and server setup, Cloudeon, among several other vendors, was invited to analyse the existing IT solution, advise on swith regard to using the cloud and contribute to Nellemann’s digital strategy through license renewals and a possible roadmap. Through close dialogue and help from Cloudeon, Nellemann Group is well underway with Microsoft Office 365, has upgraded their Citrix platform, has benefitted from a wide range of cloud services and has prepared a strategy for the implementation of several “as a service” modules from Cloudeon.

Clear strategy – implemented at the right pace

Cloudeon performed an analysis of Nellemann’s existing IT solutions. Through a workshop, immediate needs and possible future implementation solutions were identified. This secured Nellemann the right combination of Microsoft licenses to ensure that the infrastructure which is fixed for the next 3 years will be acquired at the best possible price, while the parts of Nellemann’s IT can be replaced on an ongoing basis have the necessary flexibility to allow the Group to update the licenses to support e.g. device management and additional security.

Cloudeon also assisted with a sanity check of Nellemann’s server and virtualisation environments. This meant that Nellemann had the entire Citrix platform strengthened so that it could comply with ‘Best Practice Principles’, it ensured ongoing patch management and stabilised the platform itself. Cloudeon was chosen as a supplier and partner because the Cloudeon solution contained both tools and consultants. One of the main reasons main reasons was Cloudeon’s SaaS platform ‘OpsAI’, which can analyse current IT infrastructure and contribute to both the development of a clear strategy and and supporting Nellemann’s ‘cloud-first (when it makes sense)’ strategy.

Modern communications platform and easy knowledge sharing

Today, Nellemann has a modern communications and knowledge sharing platform that is easier to use than ever before. “Our security and license management takes place through Cloudeon’s self-service solutions, and Cloudeon makes sure to challenge us and use of both on-prem and the cloud, ensuring that we the best of both worlds with regard to our business needs,” says Mikkel Fløj Lindgren, group IT manager at Nellemann.

“"Cloudeon helped us to define a roadmap for our IT strategy. Through close dialogue with Cloudeon’s consultants and account manager, we are continuously challenged and informed about the many new opportunities that can help streamline our businesses."”

Mikkel Fløj Lindegren
Group IT manager, Nellemann Holding A/S

Future desires for automation and IT support

Mikkel Fløj Lindgren thinks that the next big project could solution from Cloudeon. Hardware and patch management of PCs would be left to Cloudeon’s automated platform, providing Nellemann Group with new and modern PCs and phones, with full security and device management across the board. In this way, Nellemann expects to streamline the IT support further, freeing up resources for even better support of business needs and for improving their IT services.

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