Danske Fragtmænd

Cloud Reality helped Danish carrier firm Danske Fragtmænd get an overview of their IT infrastructure and form a clear roadmap for the digital transformation.

Danske Fragtmænd

In order to be able to make the most optimal decisions and create a clear roadmap for transitioning into the cloud, Danske Fragtmænd needed a clearer picture of their infrastructure. Cloud Reality, which includes an advanced scan of both infrastructure and applications, was what helped them to get started.

Danske Fragtmænd has more than 100 years of experience to draw on. 40,000 business customers use Danske Fragtmænd as their transport and logistics partner, which makes the transport firm the largest carrier of part loads in Denmark. Danske Fragtmænd delivers to anywhere in Denmark – each day and with great flexibility. Danske Fragtmænd offers a full range of logistics solutions for both small and large companies in all industries. In addition to these tasks, they also provide a variety of IT services. Among these is a total solution called ‘WebFragt’ (WebFreight), which has online booking and integrated IT solutions such as Consignor, which offers full traceability with Track & Trace environmental reports. 

Danske Fragtmænd in numbers 

  • 4,000 employees 
  • 2,000 trucks 
  • 9.5 million shipments annually 
  • 25 cargo terminals 
  • More than 200,000 square metres of storage space 40,000 business customers 


The development department at Danske Fragtmænd faced the challenge of adopting new development methods and tools, while also transforming its own applications to SAAS and PAAS services in the cloud. For their infrastructure Danske Fragtmænd considered various optionsbut lacked an overview of their own IT landscape (AS-IS overview), which needed in order to build a business case for going to the cloud. 

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Cloudeon introduced Danske Fragtmænd to ourinfrastructure analysis platform ‘OpsAi‘. With the results we illustrated the costs they could expect from cloud usage on a monthly basis, as well as the costs that would be associated with migration and transformation to the public cloud. Cloudeon prepared a technical report and a cloud business case which provided an overview of the process of actually moving parts of Danske Fragtmænd’s IT operations to the cloud. 

“"I needed a roadmap tool to get an overview of our IT infrastructure. Documenting a dynamic server landscape that is continuously changing at a high frequency is a lot of work. Therefore, it was quite a relief to come across Cloudeon’s CLOUD REALITY, which helped us move forward in that area"”

Morten Slot Vinther
Enterprise Architect, Danske Fragtmænd
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