Members app implemented in Microsoft Azure PaaS for 1,7 mio. members


Coop Denmark’s new cloud-based smartphone solution will closely connect members, offer them new benefits and services, and inspire the Danes to eat healthier food on a daily basis. The solution – implemented by Cloudeon – is hosted on the cloud-based Microsoft Azure platform, making Coop independent of traditional infrastructure, which has allowed us to automate a number of classic implementation processes and instead focus on delivering innovative services – faster, cheaper and with more flexibility.

Henrik Daugbjerg, Head of IT Operations, Coop Denmark

“From the outset, we have had a great experience and found Cloudeon to be an incredibly competent partner who have – on several occasions during the project – proven themselves as being more than capable of handling the task at hand.”


Coop Danmark is Denmark’s largest grocery company, which operates the Kvickly, SuperBrugsen, Dagli’Brugsen, LokalBrugsen, Irma, Fakta, and stores.

Coop Denmark has 1200 stores across Denmark, 38,000 employees and a total turnover of approx. 50 billion kroner.

Faster time to market

Just eight weeks before the launch of the program, and before any software was completed, Coop decided to deliver the new solution in the cloud. They chose Microsoft Azure, and Cloudeon were selected as the IT partner responsible for deployment and operations of cloud services. During the eight weeks, Cloudeon made it clear that all code from the separate development companies was to be consolidated centrally in Azure, that the security model was implemented, and the new cloud platform was established as a software-defined, fully automated and scalable structure.

Software defined infrastructure

Cloudeon is a specialist in software-defned infrastructure, Coop have achieved a fully automated solution, which is not burdened by traditional problems of construction and maintenance across different environments. Coop’s new environment excels in comparison to its predecessor, knowing that every new version release automatically builds a platform from scratch, and the management of the various environments’ connection to development, test and production backend systems is automated to minimize errors and maximize publishing speed.

Preben Nielsen, Chief Architect, Coop Denmark

“Cloudeon has done a great job, building the platform faster and in a shorter length of time than would have previously been possible with traditional infrastructure. With this scalable IT, we pay only for what we use and therefore no longer underutilizing the capacity of our local infrastructure. As we had not managed indications of scale and load we can – with the cloud platform – scale automatically when required.”


Coop needed to quickly access the market with a customized membership and payment solution (App) for customers and stores throughout the country.


The solution was implemented on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Code, build and deployment were automated to ensure faster deliveries.

Cloud technology partner

Coop chose Cloudeon as project manager to ensure that the solution was implemented for operation in Microsoft Azure. Cloudeon were also responsible for the integration of other technology partners in the project during the project phase.

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