Unsolicited Application

If you are interested in working for Cloudeon but see no vacant positions of interest, please feel free to submit an unsolicited application. We might actually need your skills!

Unsolicited Application

Working at Cloudeon, you will be a part of helping enterprises to succeed in a digital world.

At Cloudeon, you will find a playground for innovation and passionate people making our vision into reality – and we are always looking for more talented people to join our fastmoving journey!

About Cloudeon

Cloudeon is the largest “cloud-only” IT company in Denmark. We believe that cloud computing is a fundamental requirement for delivering innovative digital services, and that cloud computing will eradicate what we know as traditional “Enterprise IT”. We serve some of the biggest companies and strive to deliver value, based on our four core pillars: Specialized, Visionary, Passionate and Trustworthy. Our main services are Cloud Consulting, Cloud Transformation, Cloud 24/7 Operations, Digital Workspace and our End-to-End SaaS delivery – Cloudeon Digital Factory.

Cloudeon was founded in February 2016. Today, the company employs around 70 talents and has offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and London. In 2016, the company had a turnover at 10 mio. DKR. In 2017, it grew to 44 mio. DKR.

The word “eon” origins from the 1640’s and means “an indefinitely long period of time” or “age” – hence Cloudeon, because we believe that cloud services will transform the way we live – just as much at the Internet did, when we started adopting that many years ago.

Why Work for Cloudeon

At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the world’s most talented specialists, developers and thought leaders in a high performance and fast-growing company.

We offer an informal and dynamic workplace, where we work together as a team to deliver excellence within our specialized area.

We care about personal and professional development of our employees. Not only do we promote learning by doing, we also encourage them to take training courses in line with their career objectives. We offer a competitive compensation package that supports the required qualifications.


Please apply through the link below and send us your resume (CV) and a simple 1-page cover letter where you tell us why you are the right fit for us. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to Benedicte Seit, Talent Coordinator, at +45 31796221..

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