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We are more than 100 dedicated people at Cloudeon, who are passionate about digital innovation. We deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions to large enterprises since our start in 2016. And the success continues!

Cloudeon has developed a service to help our customers with the digital transformation, through software and interactions – we call it the Digital Factory. The Digital Factory contains the skills, the processes, and the methods needed to produce (the right) business outcomes. The Digital Factory offers a new way of working with development of new products and enables our customers to incubate a new digital culture and operating model and affect change without the ensuing chaos.

In the digital factory where the rules can to be different. Within the Digital Factory, design thinking is how ideas manifest themselves, the technologies are different, cloud is the cornerstone and agile is the fundamental way of working. The digital factory is functions as a subscription service and connects seamlessly to the organization.

The Customer Success Manager

Your job is to find the most effective way to help customers become successful through their products or services. The end goal is to provide value through regular interaction and act as a seamless liaison between the Digital Factory and our customers.

In the fast-changing digital economy, most non-engaged customers leave a company dissatisfied with its services. Our Customer Success Manager helps map out touchpoints that allows for better metrics, allowing our customers to offer a better service to the users. The Customer Success Manager is there to help, guide and provide support when interacting with the Digital Factory. Your primary responsibilities are:

  • Ensure the Digital Factory is providing value. The Customer Success Manager is the guarantee for extraordinary performance, knowing our customers business and competitors inside out. You help plot the course forward.
  • Support in analysing user behaviour with the product or service. How do we build the right stuff? Do users think so too and what can be done to continuously improve interactions? The Customer Success Manager is there to help get the answers needed and to ensure the data are meaningful and useable.
  • Help Identify opportunities. The Customer Success Manager helps link outcomes to the capabilities in the Digital Factory and ensure high quality outcomes are produced. The Customer Success Manager not only helps build the right stuff, but also facilitates building the right stuff right.
  • Support in Managing the Backlog. The Customer Success Manager supports the efforts in managing both the high-level roadmaps and organizing the immediate backlog. While you train the expert Product Owner, you help reaping the benefits of the Digital Factory, the Customer Success Manager is there to help our customers gain the knowledge and experience needed.
  • Being an Agent of Change. Changing the operating model can be a challenge, our Customer Success Manager is there to help and provide insights and background to the Product Owners. Being entrepreneurs themselves the ideal Customer Success Manager take pride in moving things forward and providing new and exciting products and services to the market.

You are….

the Product (literally)

Building a Digital Factory is no trivial task – sometimes it needs to be willed into existence. When we meet our customers for the first time, you are the one they need to gravitate towards You are the physical manifestation of the Digital Factory, what it can do for the customer in the future and all the problems it definitely will solve. You need to be the one that makes this vision come alive, you need to be able to “sell” the grand vision, your job is critical to the existence and growth of the Digital Factory.

the Relationship Manager

When we establish the Digital Factory, you act as the key point of contact for our customers and you are there to ensure their success, first and foremost. The Digital Factory is about applying a start-up mentality to people and companies who are willing and able. You lead by example and literally help create a viable digital business from scratch, your job is to make great co-founders out of our customers and teach them the ropes and enable them to fulfil their mission. Your touchpoints will be both the top management of our customers, some of their customers and the new product owners inside the Digital Factory.

the Chief Product Officer

Having a passion for, and understanding, both the product development and customer experience disciplines is the key to success – establishing a Digital Factory will require you to facilitate, help or even run clarifying sessions that gives customers a clear understanding of what they want to achieve – you are essentially helping them start a new business, create new product categories and/or expand into new and unchartered territory.

the Rainmaker

Establishing a Digital Factory means you get to create and know some of the basic philosophies and products in great detail – you job is to assist our customers in presenting the vision to their own stakeholders and ensure that the Digital Factory becomes not just a commercial success but also enables the customer to create tangible results. You know who to talk to, what to say and what to do.

the Team Builder

The customer specific Digital Factory essentially evolves and grows like any other start-up, you possess the skills to identify, find and select the right profiles needed for creating a success. You help our customers setup their own internal structures and help them select the right resources for the job – you know how to create the spirit needed to create tangible results, you help convey this atmosphere within the team.


Please apply through the link below and send us your resume and a one-page cover letter. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to Peter Juhl, Chief Product Officer, at +45 42566288.

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At Cloudeon, we are building the next generation cloud solutions. Our mission is to empower Enterprises to grow digital innovation and become disruptive through the usage of Cloud technology, Cloud methodology and process automation. We are leading the way IT is delivered to Enterprise organizations, replacing hard to build and operate technology with easy consumable cloud-based services. We assist our clients in successfully delivering services to their customers by establishing and securing a hybrid path into the public cloud and by automating and self-service enabling IT-delivery.

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