Bring better management of risk, compliance and governance to your business

Cloudeon - Compliance

While the Cloud providers of today deliver a strong security foundation, you are still responsible for protecting all the applications and data.

Handling those vast amounts of data and the sources while maintaining a well-protected and lean platform can mean that costs soar and the overall quality suffer. The complexity of the cloud and the integration to multiple providers and partners represents challenges to the classic enterprise platform model, challenges that are not easily solved.

Cloudeon makes compliance and security manageable

Cloudeon makes compliance and security manageable. We design and execute infrastructure and platforms that are designed to scale and endure – that means dealing with errors and unexpected failures without interruption. We aim to avoid data loss and minimize downtime. We handle policies, data protection, security backups and recovery tests so you never have to deal with undesired situations.

We understand that meeting regulatory compliance and security obligations requires in-depth insights. Our cloud framework ensures that while daily operations, controls and visibility change, quality does not suffer as a result. We will help you reduce the complexity of audit preparation and keep an eye on out-of-compliance situations; our team specializes in intervention and remediation so you can focus on controlling the overall issues and optimize going forward.

Our patch management, disaster recovery, managed security, technical and financial optimization is designed to reduce complexity and increase visibility into your environment. We cover everything from onboarding over access control to data classification, with manageable results and optimal quality.

Cloudeon - Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

High availability and business excellence does not always mean adding expenses. We will help you reduce risks while ensuring business availability with our unique insight into automation, operations and DevOps.

Cloudeon - Always on

Always on

We build systems and applications without a single point of failure. We will ensure that nothing breaks down when it is needed the most and that you can stay ahead without outages.

Cloudeon - Stay Safe

Stay Safe

You can lean back and relax – we got this. Meet the appropriate level of security and compliance while having the best cloud security team available; our team is ready to face attacks and disruptions 24x7.

Cloudeon - Rick Managed

Risk Managed

For some applications and systems, outages are not an option. We will build and manage your availability patterns and ensure that architecture, technology and recovery time are aligned and can be documented.