CLOUDEON is the first Danish Azure eMSP partner



We are number 96 eMSP in the world


MS partners globally are certified to deliver solutions based on Microsoft technology

What does the eMSP mean to customers?


What is an eMSP?

The Azure expert MSP is the highest level of certification from Microsoft. To earn the eMSP status, we had to pass a strict audit to prove our cloud knowledge, processes, and level of customer handling and satisfaction.


Your guarantee for expertise.

The eMSP ensures that you are working with the highest tier of Cloud experts.
Every employee is an expert and you are certain to meet a dedicated team with the specialized knowledge, customer reference cases, and Microsoft vetted processes as foundation.


Innovate to stay on top.


We have the experience and competencies to create a digital foundation which ensures innovation and digitalization at the speed of business.

That's how we elevate business.


Following the eMSP mindset


Our best practice approach has already proven valuable throughout Danish enterprises

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The CTO's words

Frank 400_400Frank Mogensen, CTO & Partner, CLOUDEONWhat is the eMSP and why should I care as a business owner?

The Azure expert MSP is a certification into expert level operation and manged services in Azure Cloud. Most businesses handling cloud today don't have anything to show for it. The eMSP is a testimony to your operation and implementation skills, vetted and verified by an external auditor in a number of disciplines ranging from your business' health to your managed services.

The certification proves that you have implemented operational and service management disciplines that align with the ISO 27001 standards, how matured your Cloud business is, and the level of customer satisfaction and cost optimization you, as a partner, are able to provide.

Finally, it proves that you have a customer centric Cloud delivery approach that provides each customer with a cloud solution based on a variety of parameteres, such as process optimization and impactful improvements on multiple measures ranging from security and finance to operations, resilience, and compliance.




Azure-Expert"If you do Cloud, you need to prove it - the eMSP is a testimony to your implementation and operational excellence"

- Frank Mogensen, CTO & Partner, CLOUDEON




Experts aren't made in a day..


Having invested heavily in maturing our business to meet all the highest standards of best practice cloud handling, we know what it takes to be the best on the planet at servicing your customers. We are Azure eMSP partner number 96 in the world and that attests to how narrow the scope is for the eMSP - and out of the over 70.000 eligble partners, being in the top 1% puts us in the absolute elite.

We are building the future..


Auditing for the Azure eMSP we have learned a lot and we have found focus areas to keep developing our business to handle the demands of the future. We are very excited for the effort that our team at CLOUDEON have put into this certification, and it goes to show that with the right mindset and the right people, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

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