How Danish technology helps Norwegian power supply

TrønderEnergi needed a complete IT overview to build their future strategies on.
CLOUDEON stepped in.

The Norwegian utility and energy provider, TrønderEnergi, delivers water and wind power and develops future solutions for the Norwegian utilities market through the companies Ohmia Charging and Ohmia Retail.


Since their founding in 1916, TrønderEnergi have a long and proud tradition of delivering and developing energy solutions. Today, TrønderEnergi are owed by 18 Norwegian municipalities, KLP and NEAS.

TrønderEnergi in numbers:


  • More than 220 employees
  • Turnover of 1.5 bio. no. kr.
  • Produce 2.1 TWh yearly

“With OpsAI it is now possible for us to gain new insight into our IT-infrastructure. Insight that will be important to define how we transform our IT services to Cloud. Gaining competitive edge through digital is key for TrønderEnergi and transforming how we operate our business as well as how we design and run our IT-infrastructure are both paths of the digital transformation. With OpsAI we gain better control and speed in our journey from traditional IT-infrastructure to cloud services’”


Svein Erik Jørgensen, IT & Digitization, TrønderEnergi



TrønderEngergi had realised a need for a solution that could help them in digitization of their organization. Their aim was to focus on the potential of out-phasing old on-premise IT and build a business case around Cloud-transition.
For TrønderEnergi it was crucial that they were in charge of all aspects of the transition. Therefore, their aim was to find a solution that could map out a buisness case for Cloud-transition build on their current IT-setup. 



Challenges summarized:


  • Full overview of current IT
  • Establishing a business case of Cloud-transition
  • Build roadmap towards transitioning





Since 2018, TrønderEnergi have recieved a full real-time overview of their IT-estate via CLOUDEON's tool, OpsAI. Further, OpsAI creates business cases for Cloud-transitions, which has enabled a gradual transition of the organization from outdated on-premise to Cloud IT.

Lastly, TrønderEnergi use OpsAI to secure full compliance in regards to patching and security as well as aligning IT costs throughout the organization.



Solutions summarized:


  • Full real-time overview of IT estate
  • Create business case for future IT development
  • Support digital strategy to transition to Cloud



TrønderEnergi have been using OpsAI as a strategic tool since 2018. They plan and execute their digital strategies based on the overview, recommendations and business cases the tool provides. 

This means better transparency, lower costs and more efficient IT throughout the whole organization.


Solutions summarized:


  • Real-time overview of IT
  • Structured and timely Cloud transitions
  • Achieved savings and optimizations throughout all of the organization.