Rosti chose CLOUDEON as their partner for Cloud-migration and operations - and they made that choice for a multitude of reasons

The global production company, Rosti, had a particular set of demands for migrating to Cloud - and to the handling of it.

Rosti Group offers solutions in the shape of single components, plastic moulding and even finished goods at every point along the supply chain to the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging, medical, consumer, industrial and technical products markets.


For 75 years, Rosti has met its customers’ and potential customers’ innovation needs throughout the manufacturing process by bringing their designs to life with cutting-edge solutions. Owned by Swedish family-controlled investment company Nordstjernan, Rosti has eight manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia and its head office is in Malmö, Sweden.


Rosti by numbers:


  • More than 3.200 employees
  • 8 production facilities globally
  • Turnover of over 3 billion DKK

“It wasn’t really a difficult decision, everything considered, because it was really important for us to find a partner that could run our future IT Operations, but also a partner that we could consult in the aforementioned analysis process – and, just as importantly, could help us through the entire transition


Lasse Bjørn Jensen, Rosti

Rosti's challenges


As Rosti had expanded as an organisation and a global company, their IT had in large parts still been tied up on traditional on-premise solutions. This had resulted in parts of the business having challenges producing the required results in the manner that Rosti wanted.


Therefore, Rosti had a clear ambition to gain a full overview of their current IT infrastructure, leading to a Cloud migration to Azure. At the same time, Rosti wanted to outsource their Cloud operations, to focus their resources on tasks tied closer to their core business area.



Challenges summarized:


  • Full overview of IT-estate
  • Cloud migration plan and strategy
  • Enablement for Cloud operations



As a solution to Rosti’s three concerns regarding Cloud migration, they chose to onboard CLOUDEON’s Cloud Journey.


The Cloud Journey initially provided them with a full overview of their current IT infrastructure through CLOUDEON’s own software, OpsAI. OpsAI provided an analysis on which a business case was established.


The case was fitted to Rosti’s specific needs and pains in relation to a Cloud migration and was the baseline for a smooth and safe migration that kept Rosti’s business crucial infrastructure running.

Finally, the operations and automization of the migrated Cloud were left to CLOUDEON’s Operations-team. A natural solution to Rosti’s wish for an outsourced Cloud-operation.



Solutions summarized:


  • Full IT overview with OpsAI
  • Migration of agreed infrastructure
  • Preparing Cloud-environments for support and operations



The outcomes for Rosti are going to solidify their business for years to come. 

Firstly, they are equipped with an overview of their IT-estate, that will help them prepare future strategies on how to move IT closer to the core of their business.

The migration of business critical IT to Azure Cloud has resulted in new approaches to IT handling and has brought innovation and speed into the realm of IT.

Lastly, having formed the new solution to easily be handled in an outsourced operations-realm has resulted in freeing of more ressources for business-handling.


Outcomes summarized:


  • OpsAI prepares the IT-future
  • Migration resulting in higher speed and lower costs
  • Outsourced operations means more business power

Technical description


Rosti's migration to Azure has been set up in the Dynamic AX 2009 framework and has served to combine 10 applications with dependencies.

Next step was to rehost several servers into a SQL cluster. The migration was of data, applications and workloads and served as a point of departure of rightsizing and modernization.

The full migration project consisted of setting up a new Windows server and a rehost of a SQL server in Azure.