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Myths About the Cloud

As it always is with most new technology or new ways of thinking – that technology often suffers from misconceptions of the way things work in this new regime or the lack of proper insights.

Cloudeon has gathered the most common mistakes expressed by people or organizations regarding the cloud and the way to approach it.



The true costs of on-premise IT - and how cloud saves you money

We all talk about moving to the Cloud … but few understand the financial implications of transforming from an oversized but underutilized CapEx driven operational model, to a consumption driven OpEx model. Some claim that moving to cloud saves money, while others comfortable with on-premise enterprise IT, claims that building and operating IT locally is much cheaper. Who is right, and who is wrong?

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associates - Cloud

Professional certifications demonstrate expertise in Microsoft cloud-related technologies to reduce IT costsand deliver more value for the modern, cloud-enabled business. In Microsoft Cloud environment we can highlight four, main paths for IT Professionals, Developers and Architects.

Batch processing in the cloud

Business is scaling – up, changing their sizes – and out, increasing the number of branches. If we are speaking about IT infrastructure in growing businesses, the situation is similar. The number of servers (i.e. cores, RAM, disks) is growing rapidly and business is looking for new solutions for empowering this growth.

Microsoft Loves Linux

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella publicly declared the company's love for Linux and now over 30% of VMs on Azure run Linux. So today Azure certified professional is not only a Windows Server certified professional but also a Linux certified professional.