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    CLOUDEON recognized as Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider

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    How to make IT decisions - fast! Based on real-time data

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    Cloud Succes Recipe: 93% creative people + 7% technology

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Cloud is a capability, not a tech


We understand what it takes for your Cloud-project to succeed. From establishing an executable strategy to anchoring digital change, we are with you the whole way. Years of experience has taught us what works - and what doesn't.

How we can help you

Think big, start small, scale fast.

Cloud is fast, cost efficient and secure. But only if you know how to manage it. We tailor solutions to fit your business and resources. Enable your employees - save money.
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bright-ideaWe understand your business' needs and ambitions
challengeNo challenge is too big. We are leading Cloud experts
customize We customize solutions to your business needs
News & Insights

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Tech Insights
"I am the one who opens the doors and the one who closes them again"
July 10, 2021

CLOUDEON's Solution Sales Specialist, Mikkel Lumholdt Hansen, tells about challenges and solutions when bringing Cloud technology to the largest enterprises in the North.

Tech Insights
After the firewall is breached...
July 01, 2021

The CTO of CLOUDEON, Frank Mogensen, describes the risks and solutions for the wave of ransomware that is continuously attacking companies’ IT systems everywhere.

Tech Insights
Magnus Mårtensson and The Microsoft Azure MVP
June 28, 2021

What is a Microsoft Azure MVP? How do you become one? And how do you maintain the title? We sat down with our Chief Product Officer, Magnus Mårtensson, to find out more.

CLOUDEON opens offices in Sweden and Norway
June 18, 2021

The highly specialized company expands its business with offices in Oslo and Stockholm. That brings CLOUDEON to six offices spread across Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, and Norway.

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