Bring the power of cloud computing to your business

Cloudeon - Platform

The cloud leads to ever increasing opportunities

for organizations to both disrupt and improve their business models through the integration and leverage of platform services. In time, building a business can be done by combining the right components from a diverse set of competitive providers, at a fraction of a cost and with no running overhead.

Cloudeon - The cloud

Cloudeon helps customers solve their most challenging legacy modernization projects and help them become more agile and effective. Our solutions allow our customers to benefit from the current and oncoming advances in cloud and platform technology without hassle. We partner with our customers to advise and update them on new services and optimizations and help them select the right path to take… every time.

We specialize in the lift-and-shift refactoring and transformation that help our customers modernize their custom landscapes while at the same time drastically reduce both cost and risk. Our services rely on a robust framework and advanced methods, with automation as the core principle this allows us to cut cost and deliver a continuously measurable high quality.


helps you reach higher information technology efficiency by enabling the agility and competitive advantage associated with core application and service modernization. Our solutions facilitate everything from the transition from legacy systems to modern streamlined environments that leverage both cloud and modern advanced in data management and machine learning.

Empower Your Employees

From device to software, service and operations. Everything included at a fixed price per month.

Need IT skills?

Cloudeon has a variety of the best consultants, ready to help you. From IoT to automation, cloud strategy and transition.
Cloudeon - Been there, done that

Been there, done that.

We have one of the largest certified Microsoft Azure capabilities in Europe and have been working with cloud platforms from Amazon, Google and Microsoft since the beginning – this gives our customers assurance of the optimal solutions and continuous best-practice implementations. We know our way around the cloud and we know how to get clouds working together with either other clouds or legacy enterprise solutions.

Cloudeon - Mo providers, mo problems

Mo Providers, Mo Problems?

Cloudeon handles the relations with your providers and helps you choose the best solution to reduce cost, achieve the best agility or other specialized requirements, so you can stop worrying about the Internet and focus on your business. We help you select the providers and technologies that best suit the requirements of your business or projects, both in technical and economic terms. We design and run multi-provider systems that work in the real world and cope with your business requirements, without the paperwork.

Cloudeon - DevOps included

DevOps included

Cloudeon provides develops solutions to automate the management of cloud resources. We provide both continuous integration and development services that help infrastructure and development teams achieve a perfect and manageable workflow. Our solutions emphasize communication, collaboration, integration and automation – this ensures agile and unprecedented software-driven innovation. We build our solutions on lean and agile principles across the software lifecycle and efficiently plug the gaps that exist between software development, quality assurance, and operations. We aim to enable our customers to rapidly produce software products and services, not maintain infrastructure and platforms.

Wanna Be a Hero?

We’re a fast-growing band of developers and cloud experts with one simple mission: To deliver IT at the speed of business. At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the most talented engineers, developers and thought leaders to shape the future of cloud computing. If you think you can be a superhero, drop us a line or give us a call – we’re always looking for talent.

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