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Cloudeon - Operations

Evolving business requirements,

high technical complexity, shrinking maintenance windows, environmental restrictions, and a global presence with 24x7x365 time requirements place enormous pressures on the daily infrastructure operations, making it increasingly difficult to sustain the increasing demands for availability. Building a large, technically-skilled staff to build and maintain information technology operations is no easy task, neither is it the top priority of most companies because their organizational focus should be elsewhere.

Cloudeon - Evolving business requirement

Cloudeon manages your infrastructure and platforms, providing demand-driven scalable resources and ongoing monitoring in line with your specific business imperatives and changing needs. We help you free up important in-house resources, reduce complexity and boost your operational reliability all while cutting costs while you benefit from our vast operational expertise.

Our modern cloud operations allow our customers to focus on their business while our team of experts monitors and maintains your infrastructure. We offer cost and performance optimizations, unprecedented security, and scalability without limits to meet their ever-changing need of your business.


have the experience that enable us to develop procedures that are prepared for meeting our customers’ high demand for speed and flexibility at any time. We partner with our customers to achieve the highest quality and the best value - our extensive knowledge and know-how covers not only typical solutions and services but also emerging upcoming technologies and our fast method-based knowledge sharing allows us to quickly help and enable our customers.

Empower Your Employees

From device to software, service and operations. Everything included at a fixed price per month.

Need IT skills?

Cloudeon has a variety of the best consultants, ready to help you. From IoT to automation, cloud strategy and transition.
Cloudeon - White glove treatment

White glove treatment

Cloudeon allows our partners to choose the type of operations that suits their needs – this can range from full, "white-glove" services with no DevOps aspirations, to a very minimalistic, self-service operations options, where our customers thrive with DevOps autonomy and independence. We take care of everything from design and implementation to maintenance and administration. We work with our customers to determine the best solutions that meet their specific requirements while maximizing their return on investment, every time.

Wanna Be a Hero?

We’re a fast-growing band of developers and cloud experts with one simple mission: To deliver IT at the speed of business. At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the most talented engineers, developers and thought leaders to shape the future of cloud computing. If you think you can be a superhero, drop us a line or give us a call – we’re always looking for talent.

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