Take back control of your infrastructure

Cloudeon - Infrastructure

Datacenter operations of today are facing new challenges

from handling more data traffic driven by new applications to security and limited budgeting that constrain information technology resources. The modern enterprise is looking for something new to manage all these challenges and demands.

Cloudeon - Datacenter operations

Cloudeon has reimagined the enterprise computing model by combining a cloud-computing methodology with a hyper converged approach and High Performance Computing (HPC) technology. We see this as a game changer - capable of delivering a massive increase in the functionality and driving cost down.

Our infrastructure services are based on standard off-the-shelf components that integrate all of the cloud technologies: software-defined compute, storage and networking virtualization and security - into a single converged modular appliance. This appliance is agile, scalable and cloud-ready from day one.

100, Enough Said…

You do not have to deal with the aftermaths of broken equipment ever again. Together with our partners we have designed the infrastructure to ensure a 100% uptime - by meticulously designing around or eliminating possible failure points. This fully redundant infrastructure will continue operating as normal even if parts of it malfunction; Cloudeon both troubleshoot and solve issues without shutting down enterprise services – at all.

Empower Your Employees

From device to software, service and operations. Everything included at a fixed price per month.

Need IT skills?

Cloudeon has a variety of the best consultants, ready to help you. From IoT to automation, cloud strategy and transition.
Cloudeon - Scalable


We deliver a highly scalable infrastructure that is able to provide you with exponentially more storage space at a moment’s notice and add new instances and technologies into your system dynamically when they are needed. All of it without continually reinvesting in underlying infrastructure or wasting resources – you just start small and build from there, completely modular, completely integrated.

Cloudeon - We got this

We Got This…

We partner with all of our customers to run the clouds we build. We do not just drop infrastructure at the doorstep and expect our customers to figure out how to make it work. We take full responsibility for keeping our customers’ clouds up and running - every hour in every day, 24/7x365. Cloudeon monitors system health, troubleshoot hardware issues, deploy updates, patch and implement feature enhancements. We partner with the IT organization to help them deliver an unprecedented level of service to the users they support.

Cloudeon - Global Redundancy

Global Redundancy

Built-in redundancy comes as an integrated part. We enable you to take redundancy from the local into the extreme by implementing everything from short distance mirroring to very long-distance, low-latency dedicated connections between facilities. What’s more – we can do this in over 600 datacenters placed in over 100 countries.

Built for Disaster

Cloudeon have built disaster recovery into the fabric of our solution and use our advanced technologies to keep your enterprise secure and stable. Our service relies on redundancy, automation and sheer speed to minimize the risk of disaster – and should disaster strike, our solution can be geared to restore secondary operations at a very high speed.

Cloudeon - Built for Disaster

Wanna Be a Hero?

We’re a fast-growing band of developers and cloud experts with one simple mission: To deliver IT at the speed of business. At Cloudeon, you will work with some of the most talented engineers, developers and thought leaders to shape the future of cloud computing. If you think you can be a superhero, drop us a line or give us a call – we’re always looking for talent.

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